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Brussels, 30 January 2024

FEPORT is supportive of the EU Commission’s UCC revision proposal. This reform is crucial to harmonize the current Customs framework. It should allow for the simplification of customs rules and procedures and further harmonize risk management thanks to the introduction of a Customs Data Hub and the establishment of an EU Customs Authority.

Terminal operators carry out cargo handling activities in the EU’s seaports and thereby form the junction between maritime and sustainable hinterland transport modes. They are essential to the seamless functioning of logistics chains, but also to the EU’s security of supply and the greening of the transport sector.

To successfully fulfill this role, terminal operators need a customs framework that reflects the operational realities of maritime logistics chains and does not lead to unnecessary administrative burdens. It is especially important to rely on relevant rules on temporary storage including a time limit that is sufficient.

Temporary storage typically ends when goods are placed under a customs procedure in the EU, re-exported or stored in a customs warehouse. In each case, terminal operators and/or other parties of the logistics chain need more time than the 3-6 days to provide the right data or transport the goods.

FEPORT therefore welcomes the amendments proposed by several members of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee of the European Parliament to maintain the time limit for temporary storage at 90 days as spelled out in the current UCC framework.

FEPORT is also supportive of the suggested amendments to article 119(1) of the Commission proposal, which seeks to simplify the reporting requirements for customs warehouse operators thereby reducing their administrative burden.

Seamless, secure and resilient maritime logistics chains require an ambitious and well-functioning customs framework. FEPORT remains at the disposal of the Members of the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission to jointly look for solutions that will ensure safe, secure and seamless movements of cargo in EU ports.


For more information, please see FEPORT position paper on the UCC reform.



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