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Guy Vankrunkelsven

Guy Vankrunkelsven, Director at CEPA

“Currrently I am a member of the management team of Cepa, which is the terminal operators’ association in the port of Antwerp. Cepa is dealing exclusively with social issues regarding the employment of dockers and I started my career in the company in 1984.

As a director I am first of all responsible for the salary and personnel administration of all dockers.

Cepa is paying the salaries of approximately 8.200 blue collars (dockers and technical and maintenance staff) working for different terminal operators or warehousing companies.

The rest of my time I work on training issues, negotiating with the unions of the dockers and safety topics. We have a Common Service on Prevention and Protection which plays an important role in preventing accidents to happen on the quayside. This Common Service is working closely together with safety managers of our member companies. In 2014,

We set up an ambitious overall safety plan 2020 to reduce the number as well as the severity of industrial accidents. All stakeholders have committed to achieve the targets which have been put forward with only one goal: make terminals in the port of Antwerp safer.”


Custom and Logistics Committee Kurt Crawels

Mr. Kurt Crauwels - Managing Director at DP World Antwerp Customs Desk NV

"I currently work for DP World Belgium as Managing Director of our DP World Antwerp Customs Desk entity which is based at the Antwerp Gateway Terminal (operated by DP World). These days a Terminal Operator is confronted with several Customs issues (+ new Customs legislation as from May 2016) and is in need for correct information regarding Customs to ensure the fluent operational part of the terminal which is, of course, the most important.

With DP World Antwerp Customs Desk NV we are taking care of all customs related issues the Terminal is confronted with. With simplified Customs procedures, we handle cargo that is diverted to the inland sites, Antwerp East (operated by DP World) and as from January 2016 the brand new DP World Liège Terminal. Via constant dialogue with our staff and colleague international terminals we want to achieve maximum (Customs) efficiency which is crucial for the Logistics Supply Chain and helps out our operational people."


Safety Environment and Security Committee Ronan Sevette

Mr. Ronan Sévette - Director - Saint Malo Manutention (Stevedoring Company)

"Saint-Malo Manutention provides a broad range of bulk, general cargo, freight ferries and storage services to and from the Port of Saint-Malo.

As the managing director, I take primary responsibility in ensuring both the safety and the welfare of the company personnel. I am most particularly in charge of identifying safety requirements and whenever necessary of implementing appropriate procedures in order to continuously improve the KPIs of the company in accordance with client’s requirements.

I am also doing my best to facilitate social dialogue whenever requested and at a larger scale, and to provide local and national authorities with in depth analysis on operational matters.

I have been appointed earlier this year as the national representative of UNIM (the French private port operators association) to FEPORT Environment, Safety and Security committee."


An Moons

Ms. An Moons - DP World

“I am the Director Legal, Insurance & Risk for DP World in Belgium and have been with the company for more than 12 years now.

The core of my function is to assist the organization in identifying and managing the wide range of risks it is confronted with.

My tasks also include : delivering efficient legal advice, buying adequate insurance and maintaining a suitable risk management system. Evolving in a high risky business environment often requires to “think out of the box”. As such my team’s work is challenging but also very interesting and rewarding.”


Safety Environment and Security Committee Daniele Ciulli

Mr. Daniele Ciulli - Contship Italia

"This year is my 20th year at Contshipitalia. I am the Health and Safety, Security, Quality and Environment (HSSQE) Manager also in charge of the operational training.

I’m based in La Spezia since 1995, but I travel a lot because I am coordinating HSSQE issues for all Contshipitalia’s terminal Business Units. 

My efforts are dedicated to create safer, more secure and more efficient work places while reducing environmental impacts.  To reach this important goal, I am trying to consolidate and to implement Contshipitalia’s specific culture, which since 1968, places people are at the very heart of the priorities of the Company.."


 Pedro Garca Navarro

Mr. Pedro García Navarro - Director General of Anesco

"I begin this new professional challenge with great enthusiasm and desire to serve the port sector. Anesco, founded in 1978, is the Spanish association that represents 151 stevedoring and agents companies. Serving as interlocutor for institutions, trade unions and other organisations; informing our members on ports issues; discussing points of views and sharing knowledge are our main future objectives."


Angela Schalken

Mrs. Angela Schalken - Europe Container Terminals (ECT)

"I work for Europe Container Terminals (ECT) in Rotterdam as ECT’s Safety Manager. At the ECT Terminals, safety is our number one priority. Through ongoing assessment of safety risks, creating awareness and taking the necessary measurements in dialogue with our staff we strive to reduce accidents continuously.”