Membership benefits

Through its large network of national associations and companies, FEPORT represents more than 1225 companies across Europe and Turkey.

There are two categories of members within FEPORT: Plain members and Associate members.


Who can become a Plain member?

Membership is open to cargo handling and/or stevedoring companies or national associations representing cargo handling and/or stevedoring companies.


Who can become an Associate member?

Membership is open to companies or organizations who perform activities in connection with the cargo handling, logistics related and intermodal activities after approval by the Board of Directors.

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Five reasons to become a FEPORT member

1. Be part of an EU wide industry network

By joining FEPORT network, members ensure their voice is heard at the European level. They also gain access to extensive knowledge and expertise. Our members receive regular news updates on industry positions, policy developments, sustainability initiatives and events.

2. Shape the future of our industry

Our members can contribute to constructively shaping future European strategy and policy through active engagement with FEPORT expert working groups and committees. They can also be actively involved in the development of voluntary initiatives on major topics.

3. Access global expertise

Members have access to global contacts and expertise through FEPORT’s close cooperation with the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA), an accredited NGO who works closely with IMO, ILO and UN.

4. Drive the industry agenda

Members of FEPORT can participate in various FEPORT and partner initiatives, including pilot studies of policy proposals, tools and networks to facilitate legislation implementation and our industry-wide sustainability initiatives.

5. Increase visibility

Members appear on our website with a direct link to their organisation. FEPORT represents the industry at many industry events and holds a high profile “Stakeholders’ Conference” in Brussels annually to showcase the activities of FEPORT and its partner organaizations as well as to build awareness and strengthen contacts.


FEPORT value proposition

Advocacy & Influence
- Opportunities to contribute to and/or to lead policy debates on legislative and regulatory issues.
- Leadership opportunities on relevant working groups and committees.
- Meetings with legislators and regulators.

Access & Relationships
- Attendance to quarterly internal meetings.
- Access to FEPORT’s staff on relevant issues and to briefings on current issues and activities and to receive feedback.
- Discounts at a number of sectoral events, seminars and conferences.

Information & Intelligence
- Information on public policy initiatives and actions.
- Access to internal online resources (who’s who, guidance on new legislation etc…).
- Monthly Internal and External Newsletter and quarterly legislative update.

Recognition & Branding
- Participation to FEPORT annual “Stakeholders’ Conference” for members and their guests.
- Access to FEPORT institutional and non-institutional network.
- Advertisement of Members’ events on FEPORT website.


For more information about application for FEPORT membership, please contact:

FEPORT Secretary General

Ms. Lamia Kerdjoudj
T: +32 (0)2 218 84 78
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.