EuropeAbout FEPORT

Core activities

Internal Organization


General Assembly

Is the central body which validates the strategic roadmap and agenda for action on the basis of the recommendations made by The Board of Directors. It ratifies all important (statutory) decisions taken by the Federation.


Board of Directors

Discusses upon FEPORT’s agenda for Action which outlines overarching priorities over the coming year(s).
Besides, it also acts as a ‘point group’ on FEPORT’s EU’s advocacy and ensures that it is properly coordinated for maximum effect.



Are the expert and policy coordinating bodies of FEPORT once the technical work has been done. They are central to the process of ensuring mutually acceptable policy positions.

The chairs of the Committees report to The Board of Directors and submit recommendations about policy position papers.

The five standing Committees are:

  1. Port Policy Committee
  2. Safety, Environment and Security Committee
  3. Social Affairs Committee
  4. Customs Committee
  5. Budget and Audit Committee


Working groups and ad hoc groups

Are the expert groups which are able to provide technical inputs established regarding specific files which require expertise and operational experience. They support the work that is done by FEPORT’s Committees (eg. PR and Communication internal network).


Task force

Is a temporary grouping for the purpose of accomplishing a definite objective.